07 December 2014

Book Description-297: MORE THAN A PROPHET (Prof. Emir F. Caner, Ph.D. and Prof. Ergun M. Caner, Th.D.)

Christians and Muslims always conflict one another because Christianity and Islam are two religions which are exclusive. As Christians, we should understand what Muslims believe and we should know how we can answer anything that Muslims ask about Christianity and especially Jesus Christ. How can we answer their questions?

Get the answer in:
An Insider’s Response to Muslim Beliefs About Jesus and Christianity

Prof. Emir Fethi Caner, Ph.D. and Prof. Ergun Mehmet Caner, Th.D.

Publisher: Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Michigan

In their books, Dr. Emir Fethi and Dr. Ergun Mehmet Caner explains about 150 questions asked by many Muslims to Christians which can be classified in 12 areas, such as: God, the nature of Jesus Christ, the nature of Qur’an and Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, atonement and salvation, eschatology (end times), ethics and politics, culture and pluralism, religious liberty, world history, and some controversies and jihad. They answer all 12 areas of questions asked by many Muslims with simple answers and Biblical support. Those answers are very important for us to answer same questions asked by many Muslims around us. Eventhough I disagree with some authors’ doctrine, I still recommend Christian readers to read this good book to prepare them to answer the challenge of Islam and Muslims. 

Biography of the authors:
Prof. Emir Fethi Caner, Ph.D. which was born on August 25, 1970 grew up in the Columbus, Ohio, area in a Sunni Muslim family, the son of an Islamic leader. As a young teenager, he came to faith in Jesus Christ at a revival service at the Stelzer Road Baptist Church.
Emir Caner enrolled in The Criswell College in Dallas, Texas, where he graduated summa cum laude in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Biblical Studies. He followed in 1995 with a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, and earned a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in History in 1999 from the University of Texas at Arlington. The title of his doctoral dissertation is Truth Is Unkillable: The Life and Writings of Balthasar Hubmaier, Theologian to the Anabaptists.
Dr. Caner served as pastor and in staff positions in churches in Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia and Texas for a decade before entering higher education . From 1999 to 2004 he was Assistant Professor of Church History and Anabaptist Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and during the 2004-2005 academic year, he served as the seminary's Associate Dean of Southeastern College at Wake Forest as well.
In 2005 he became the founding Dean of The College at Southwestern, Director of the Center for Free Church Studies and Professor of History at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, and remained there until he accepted the call of Truett-McConnell College to become its eighth president in August 2008.
A prolific writer, Dr. Caner has written or contributed to 18 books about various topics, including Islam, persecution, religious liberty, ecclesiology, Baptist history, and apologetics. Unveiling Islam, which received the Gold Medallion Book of the Year award, has sold nearly 200,000 copies, while More Than a Prophet was a finalist for Book of the Year in Evangelism for Outreach magazine.
He is in demand nationally and internationally as a speaker and as a participant in television and radio programs. On a mission trip to the Czech Republic in 2000, he met Hana Titerova, daughter of the General Secretary of the Czech Baptist Union in Prague. They were married later that year; they are the parents of three children.

Prof. Ergun Mehmet Caner, Th.D. is a Professor and Apologist at the Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Graduate School in Lynchburg, Virginia. Raised as a devout Sunni Muslim along with his two brothers, Caner converted in high school. After his conversion, he pursued his call to the ministry and education. He has a Masters degree from The Criswell College, a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) and a Master of Theology (Th.M.) from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Theology (Th.D.) from the University of South Africa. He has written numerous books with his brother, Dr. Emir Caner, who is the President of Truett-McConnell College, a Baptist college in Georgia.

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