11 January 2015

Book Description-302: THE SPIRITUAL DANGER OF DOING GOOD (Peter K. Greer and Anna Haggard)

Many people are taught that we should do good things. That concept is true, but there is danger of doing good. What are there? How can we solve that danger?

Get the answers in:

Peter K. Greer, Ph.D. (HC) with
Anna Haggard

Publisher: Bethany House (Baker Publishing Group, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Doing good things is not a false attitude, but the problem is why we do good things. Spiritual danger of doing good is experienced by the author, Dr. Peter K. Greer when he served God. He found many dangers, such as giving leftovers to loved ones, focusing on doing instead of being, justifying minor moral lapses for a good cause, using the wrong measuring stick to define success, elevating the sacred over the secular, etc. There are 14 spiritual dangers of doing good that is observed by Greer. Every danger is explained by telling Greer’s own previous experience and explaining what the Bible teaches us. In the last chapter, Greer challenges us to observe our heart while we serve God and purify it by spiritual discipline, like: prayer, meditating on God’s Word, etc.

“Doing good can take its toll on our lives if we aren’t careful. The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good is an honest look at the dangers we all need to avoid as we seek to make a difference.”
Rev. Craig Groeschel, M.Div.
the founding and senior pastor of Life Church who earned Master of Divinity (M.Div.) from Phillips Theological Seminary, U.S.A.

“Insightful, engaging, and eminently readable, The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good will pique the hearts, minds, and consciences of anyone who wants to exchange the perils of doing good for the gratitude and security of remembering why we serve.”
Kim S. Phipps, Ph.D.
President of Messiah College and past chair of Council of Christian Colleges and Universities Board of Directors who holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in communication studies from Kent State University.

“The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good is a forensic exploration of souls in the center of the serving experience. Peter Greer gives us language on how to be mindful of our internal dynamics while we are externally experiencing our faith. Every Christ-follower should make this book their surgeon before serving.”
Rev. Charley Scandlyn
Campur Pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Biography of the authors:
Peter K. Greer, Ph.D. (HC) is president and CEO of HOPE International, a global nonprofit focused on Christ-centered job creation, savings mobilization, and financial training.
Formerly employed by World Relief as the managing director of Urwego, Peter also served as a microfinance advisor in Cambodia and with CARE Zimbabwe implementing fraud protection measures. Peter has a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) from Messiah College; an M.P.P. (Master of Public Policy) from Harvard’s Kennedy School; and an honorary doctorate (Ph.D.) from Erskine College.
Peter coauthored the first faith-based book on microfinance, The Poor Will Be Glad (Zondervan, 2009), and is currently writing The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good (being released 2013)and Mission Drift (being released 2014) with Bethany House Publishers. Peter blogs at www.peterkgreer.com. Follow him on Twitter at @peterkgreer.
Peter resides in Lancaster, Pa., with his wife, Laurel, and their three children.

Anna Haggard is the executive writing assistant at HOPE International, where she collaborates with the president and the marketing department to share HOPE’s message through print and social media. Anna is a graduate of Asbury University and lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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